"The Rules"

(Translated from "Woof" for the benefit of humans)

This park is a place where you can bring your two-legged companions to visit and talk with each other, while we run and play. However, your humans also have to watch over us at all times to make sure we don’t get into any trouble.

There is a maximum of one human per three dogs.

The full list of rules are below.

"The Rules"
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Did You Know?

DogPatch is a partnership between the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority, the City of Toronto and The Humane Society of Canada.

The project to create DogPatch and enhance the nearby nature preserve has been funded entirely by a generous donation from a family of animal lovers who wish to remain anonymous.

Admission to DogPatch is free.



The Rules - Details

  • A human or family of humans can only bring three of us dogs into the park at a time
  • Humans needs to bring a leash for each of us dogs
  • Humans should bring lots of treats and toys for us dogs so we can have lots of fun
  • To make sure we all stay healthy, all of our vaccinations have to be up to date
  • Attached to our collar should be a licence tag, an identification tag and it’s also a great idea if we’re micro chipped
  • Even though we’re all here to have a good time, to have a safe time, humans have to be able to see and talk to us at all times (and we dogs will try to pay attention)
  • Everyone understands that sometimes our temper can get the better of us, and it’s always up to our human to either keep us under control or to not bring us to the park
  • Wild birds and animals need a place to live too and our humans have to make sure we don’t dig holes, harm vegetation or chase wildlife
  • Humans should bring their own poop bags but if they forget once in a while, the kind people from The Humane Society of Canada have made some available at the entrance
  • Humans under 12 years old (that’s almost 2 years old in dog years) can only visit with their parents
  • Humans have to take full responsibility for our actions at all time
  • All humans and dogs use the park at their own risk
  • Did we remember to say that humans needs to bring lots of treats and toys for us dogs so we can have lots of fun?
  • There is no charge for using Dogpatch

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